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For the first six months the child should only be fed mother’s milk and nothing else, not even water. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms and conditions, please read sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale. Feed your children lighter foods that can be easily digested & are gut friendly. Stick to eating food that’s been cooked fresh or heated just before serving.

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Had it not been for the timely intervention by Didi who came to check on us, he may not have survived. It was also because of Didi that my underweight baby was identified as malnourished and sent to a hospital. He recovered because she ensured he stayed until he got well,” said Salvi. Approximately 2,500 children have undergone health check-ups and kitchen gardens have been started at 154 AWCs and homes of children identified as malnourished during such camps.

Tips to Ensure Your Girl Child’s Good Health

‘Sleep when the baby sleeps’ is of the best parenting tips to follow. Make sure you get adequate rest so that you will feel rejuvenated. 75% of new mothers are anaemic and most put on less weight during pregnancy https://ourdoctors.in/ than they should. This leads to unhealthy foetal growth, low birth weight and non-genetic congenital abnormalities in babies. The first step to good parenting is to create a safe place for your baby.

Child Care

We know the value of your time and strive hard to deliver the best and invest in it with precision. WAVE platform encourages your Online engagement with the Master Teachers. Revision notes and formula sheets are shared with you, for grasping the toughest concepts. Assignments, Regular Homeworks, Subjective & Objective Tests promote your regular practice of the topics. Your academic progress report is shared during the Parents Teachers Meeting.

Choose loose, cotton clothes over synthetic & nylon fabrics as it quickly absorbs sweat & let the skin breathe. Staying wet for a long time may increase the chances of viral infection, influenza or common cold. Children are most susceptible to infections from unwashed hands. Therefore, hands must be washed frequently with anti-microbial soaps and sanitizers.

Consuming a measured quantity of corn religiously can gift your health with tremendous goodness and rich nourishment. • Corn kernels have the potential to increase bone strength.• Cornstarch is used in the manufacturing of variouscosmetic products. It can be applied to the skin in order to reduce rashes and irritation.• The calorific content of corn is 342 calories per 100 grams. This is the highest calorie-quantity ratio reflected by any cereal.

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